Fruit Bearing Family

A Called*Together Community

Our Called*Together Parenting Communities are hosted by Renae Luketic. They were created as a place to learn together, have clear strategies to apply what is being taught , celeberate wins, and learn to overcome parenting struggles resulting in real change.


Family & Parenting Mentor

Renae Luketic

I help Christian Parents go from feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and embarrassed to being able to parent with purpose confidently.

My free printables, downloads, podcasts, free email tips and encouragement, and free Facebook Groups help parents just like you be encouraged to grow in your parenting to reflect God’s heart in your home. 

My membership will help you LEARN HOW to overcome feeling unsure, frustrated, and embarrassed in your parenting.

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Freebies, Challenges & More

5 Day Parenting Challenge

Invest just 15 minutes a day to watch a daily challenge video and use the daily guide sheet. 5 Days to see a change in the way you parent that reflects more of God in your home.

5 Step Strategy Guide to Parenting with Purpose

25 page guide to help you understand the 5 Key Biblical Principles to Parent with Purpose to reflect God's heart in your home.

10 Commandments for a Fruit Bearing Family

This practical printable helps you and your family have real conversations with your kids on how to apply the 10 Commandments to family life.

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Parent with Purpose and become a Fruit Bearing Family.
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Dealing with Awful Attitudes

1-hour parenting masterclass, session guide, and live Q & A session. Learn how to deal with attitudes from kids of all ages (and adults too) and how to prevent them in the future.