Attitude Adjustments

Let’s face it, we all need them. 

Have a toddler having an attitude about bedtime, new foods, or simply because you looked at them- this masterclass is for you.

Maybe you have a teenager who is on a roller coaster of attitude – this masterclass is for you.

Maybe it’s you as the parent who has an awful attitude- this masterclass is for you.

I can’t wait to share some practical parenting “how-to’s” and biblical principles to equip you to not have a household with unchanging awful attitudes.

You can expect to receive your join link two hours prior to the masterclass as well as reminder emails.

Invite someone to sign up too that you know could use some encouragement and parent coaching.

It is never too late to take steps to reflect more of God’s heart in your home.


Can’t make the masterclass live but still need it? No worries- you will get the recording the very next day via email.

What to expect: Live teaching with notes guide followed by a live Q & A Session where you can submit your questions via comment/chat, email, text them in or join us through a live video link (optional).

You will not have to have your camera on- this masterclass will be streamed via a private Youtube channel. 

Sign up now! Hopefully, it will be the best $20 you ever spend.
⭐️Learn how to deal with attitudes from your toddler, teen, or even from yourself.
⭐️Learn how to prevent attitudes from taking over!
⭐️Family Convo’s with Bible Verses that apply to attitudes
⭐️ Live Q & A Time
⭐️ You will not have to be “on camera”, just show up and mute so your kids can be kids in the background.
Can’t make the scheduled time, but don’t want to miss it?
No problem. You will get a recorded copy the next day via email.
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Parent well my friends,

-Your friendly parenting and family coach