are you a quitter

Are you a quitter?
Well..!, I almost was.

How many times have you started something and gave up?

How many times have you started a weight loss, meal, parenting, or financial plan, and as soon as you didn’t see the change you wanted quickly (because let’s face it, you were giving it your all) and you got super frustrated, discouraged and went back to your old way of doing things.

My sister and I started our daily workout, watching what we eat, and added a little sibling competition through our activity tracker on our Apple watches. (We live 6 hours from one another and are 3 years apart to let you in our my life- she is my bestie along with my friend in PA.)

I’ll be honest- I can be a quitter. Or at least want to be one sometimes.

When I weighed myself in the morning and it didn’t go down overnight (It has only been 5 days) I was disappointed because my workout yesterday made me sweat more than I had in years! So I thought the scale should have moved by now. Plus, I have been intermittent fasting. So what gives right? You know how I feel right?

Have you ever felt this way in some area of your life?

My sister called me on her lunch hour today (she is a teacher) and we chatted for a few minutes about our workouts, eating, how we felt about it, etc.

I admitted I wanted to give up for a few minutes after hopping off the scale. (Yes, I realize this is a toddler moment that even us adults have and I know your weight fluctuates daily). I just wanted to pout for a few minutes. Then I laughed at how ridiculous I was being.  

Did I expect to lose my 20 pounds in 5 days? I had lost a pound overall so far in 5 days which is actually great but was still frustrated because of the big workout I did and the scale didn’t move.

I knew that wasn’t a reasonable expectation and laughing about it with my sister helped. I felt the effort I put in should have made a bigger difference.


What is even worse, I was using only one source (my scale) to measure my success. When in reality I felt better this week than I have in a long time, I have slept better, have better mental clarity, and more. 

Have you ever done that with your family life? You try to implement something and you put in all this effort and get frustrated that you don’t see results the very next day to the extent you think you should in one way of measuring it?

Our impatience to see results can set us up for failure and we can CHOOSE NOT to walk in steadfastness, perseverance, self-control, and patience. We quit before we ever give ourselves time to see results.

God has not called us to be a quitter of things that are healthy, good, and reflect his heart.

We are called to plant seeds of HIS Fruit of the Spirit in our lives and our goal should be to harvest things that reflect God’s heart.

How do you measure success in reaching your goal of parenting with purpose?

Is it simply that your kids never have a meltdown or embarrass you with their behavior?

I’ve got news my friend- just like the scale isn’t the only indicator that change is happening in my health (though it is one indicator), immediate behavior is not the only indicator that change is happening in your kids.

I want to help you not quit in making every day reflect God’s heart more in your parenting and family.

Parenting is a long-term call- not an overnight success.

I want to be your encourager, your person you can “pout” to when you just want to give up on parenting with purpose and just let them “make it through”, your person to encourage you not to give up, your coach and mentor to help you go deeper into learning how to parent with purpose and see the long picture. 


Our new parenting membership in April is focusing on your kids making good choices and understanding the consequence of their choices. (Consequences can be both good things and painful things)

Would you like to join our new membership group?

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Parent well my friends.

Much Love Friends,